School Catchment/Associated Areas
Every address in Stockport falls within the catchment area of only 1 Primary & 1 Secondary Community school. While being resident within the catchment area of a school is not the highest category within the Admissions Policy, it is higher than those applying from outside the catchment area. If you wish to be considered for a place at your catchment school you must include it as one of your preferences.

The website also indicates which Catholic Primary & Secondary School associated area in which you live. Catholic schools each have a different oversubscription criteria and you should consult the schools website which will give you full details of their oversubscription criteria.

The Borough of Stockport is also served by Stockport Academy, should you wish to apply for the Academy you would have to place this as one of your preferences on your application.

Once you have searched via your post code you will see the name of the schools in whose areas you live. You can view the schools websites at this point. If you wish to view the website of an alternative school you will have to search via your chosen search engine.